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Communication at Eagleton: Giving a Voice to our Students

At Eagleton School, we encourage our students to use positive communication outlets to give voice to their thoughts and feelings.  As such, our students often turn to poetry, drawing, music and other creative ways to express themselves.

The Show

By Peter O

I hit a crossroad in my life
Troublesome and full of strife
It worries me yet I do not know
Of what’s to come and what’s to go
Insecurities abound
I ride the clouds
For me it’s time I have to go
The broken glass I’ve thread
It’s only fate or so I’m told
Now finally it’s almost here
It’s too much stress
I need some rest
The open road is where I roam
The tired faces I used to loathe
I know that now I was mistaken
I was stubborn and angry
I held the place down
Parents didn’t trust me
But now I do know
To keep my chin up
And don’t cop a frown
For when I grow up
I’ll remember the show

One - in-a-trillion

By Aaron L, brother of Josh L.

This house used to be filled with life,
But now, nothing
I only wish someone, would break the silence

At first you were a nuisance
Sometimes I'd wish you'd go away
But now I rarely see you
And I wish you would come home

Your shrieks, your shrills
Used to drive me up the wall
With all your obsessions and ticks
But now nothing breaks the boring day's routine

I know you're so, you're so far away
And out of arms reach
I've never felt closer to you
Even with the distance between us

This feeling, this feeling
The feeling that no mater what I do
What I say
I can't help you now

Someday I hope I could
Help you, cure you
But why would I want to cure you
I would be taking away what made you, you

No matter how many people
Write about this type of person
Mine will never be cliché
Cause even though you're my brother
You're one-in-a-trillion

Hold onto me

By Nick H

Sometimes crying costs a fee, because it takes a part of me
But whenever I do it - please, please just hold onto me
I'm starting to see the light. Of things in a better strife,
I'm standing here at, at ease - please just hold onto me.

Now maturity's kicking in - all I can do is try not to act up again.
If you know what I'm saying please, please -just hold onto me.

For all I did, I did my best, now I'm holding onto what's left.
The tears still escape my eyes.  Forget it man, everybody cries.

Things are not always what they seem, so please just hold onto me.
Watch my life as it passes by, still in a program - oh why am I?
Have been from age 9 to 19, I still think it's just one big messed up dream.
I can't seem to tear it at the seams - so please, just hold onto me.

My life would have been down the shoot, if it weren't for grandma and grandpa Dukes.
They were the only key, because they always held onto me.